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The Number One Reason That Employees Leave

By Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck

Stressed church staff member


Research has shown that effective on-boarding, thorough training and career development opportunities increase employee retention, performance and engagement. The Korn Ferry Hay Group's research found that a lack of career development opportunities is the number one reason why employees leave organizations. They also reported that a company's career development is the most important aspect of reward programs as far as talent retention is concerned. More than half of the respondents indicated they intended to expand the use of career development programs across all employee levels, supporting the creation of a stronger bench of employees with the hard and soft skills needed to assume more challenging roles within organizations.

The Career Fit Test provides a low-cost way to provide a valid assessment tool that will help your employees with career development. It is an innovative assessment tool for identifying a user's transferable, personal and content skills. Career and leadership development can build upon an employee's Career Fit Test results. Also, of note is that the Career Fit Test produces a three-theme Holland code that is based on the most widely used and researched career choice theory in the world.

Investing in career development activities results in engaged employees who are able to effectively manage their careers. Gallup reports show that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%. By intentionally providing proven career development activities, churches and ministry employers can adapt to change, improve performance and maintain a talented and committed staff.

Other benefits of the Career Fit Test solution include:

-Using the Career Fit Test results to help employees use their motivated skills in careers that are a good fit for their skills and interests;
-Employees completing important on-boarding, training and career development steps online with resources that are available 24/7 and that also make face-to-face or phone meetings with supervisors much more efficient;
-Laying out important career development steps (such as education/training, technology skills, strength/skill identification, career planning, goal planning & developing an effective support system);

You can see more details at If you would like to discuss how this assessment tool can help your organization to improve career development you can contact us or call us at 951-299-8035.


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