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Youth Pastor/Minister

Community Church of Great Neck Great Neck, NY, New York, United States



1 year - 3 years



Depends on experiences

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Youth Pastor

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Fri Oct 27, 2023
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Fri Oct 28, 2022

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:   Non-Denominational Church

Job Summary

Job Description

Job summary:

The Youth Ministry Pastor provides pastoral vision and faith formation care for the children and Youth of CCGN congregations (Mandarin, English and Cantonese), with a passion for Bible teaching, building relationships, and reaching out to our fast-growing multi-cultured community.


  1. Qualifications


1.1 Master of Divinity degree or an equivalent degree as determined by the pastoral staff and the Board of E & D


1.2 At least one years of previous full-time experience directing and working with youth and young adults in a Church environment.


1.3 Good leadership qualities and good discipleship training ability.

1.4 Fluent and able to preach in English, and capable of communicating in Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese) preferred.

1.5 Effective communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal).

1.6 Competency with basic computer software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.).

1.7 Self-starter, Energetic, Team-player, warm and approachable personality

  1. Expectations

2.1 Embrace and support the mission, vision and core value of CCGN. 

2.2 Adhere to the Statement of Faith of CCGN.

2.3 Abide by the By-laws of CCGN.

2.4 Demonstrate a passion youth ministry; and a vision to see families grow in their faith together.

2.5 Demonstrate an ability to teach, motivate and nurture  youth.

2.6 Demonstrate an ability to teach, motivate and train parents and volunteers.

2.7 Work closely with all areas of CCGN ministries to ensure a consistent vision for faith formation programs for ages birth through college.

2.8 Plan and train youth to serve within CCGN and outreach to local community

2.9 Use appropriate judgment in the areas of discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality in teaching, counseling and providing accountability for Children and Youth Ministry

2.10 Be an integral part of the pastoral team as the shepherd of the young generations of CCGN

2.11 Bond with our children, youth and young adults to develop a vibrant family ministry.


3.Pastoral Responsibilities (Job Description)

Youth and Children Ministry Responsibilities:

3.1 Provide pastoral vision and responsible for the development and implementation of programming for the spiritual formation of children and youth from pre-K to college.

3.2 Oversee and assist in providing resources to equip parents to lead and nurture childrenand youth in their faith formation.

3.3 Oversee and assist in providing leadership, training; support and faith formation direction to Children and Youth ministry volunteers.

3.4 Oversee and assist in developing a year-round program for the children and youth ministry.

3.5 Provide counseling and spiritual guidance as situations might require.

3.6 Oversee and responsible for the weekly youth fellowship program.

3.7 Serve as the guiding pastor and a speaker for Youth Worship services

3.8 Oversee the Youth Worship team.

3.9 Teach youth Sunday school.

3.10 Lead youth Bible Studies.

3.11 Oversee and assist in building the youth Sunday school curriculum.

3.12 Develop and provide discipleship training for young people to teach Sunday school and lead Bible studies.

  1. General functions

4.1 Provide care and pastoral support for youth and families in need.

4.2 Provide vision, training and mentorship Youth volunteers.

4.3 Develop and oversight of age-appropriate learning environment that foster spiritual formation throughout youth ministry.

4.4 Oversight of a yearly ministry budget.

4.5 Work with deacons from Youth department, to develop yearly calendar, events and budget.

4.6 Attend pastoral/staff meeting.

  1. Relationships

5.1 Pastor of Youth Ministry Department.

5.2 Reports to the Senior Pastor with accountability to the Board of Elder & Deacon

5.3 Supervises and directs all Youth’s Ministry volunteers.

5.4 Receives support from Pastoral ministry team.

5.5 Communicates Family ministry vision to all congregations and provides pastoral care to children & their families.

5.6 Respect the decisions and directives from board of Elder & Deacon.


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