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Stewardship Pastor

Lakeview Church Indianapolis, IN, Indiana, United States



3 years - 6 years



$55,000 to $75,000

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Christian Fundraising/Development

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Thu Oct 13, 2022
Posted Date


Wed Sep 14, 2022

Job Denomination

:   Assemblies of God Church

Job Summary

Job Description

Essential Job Functions

  1. Lead paid staff and volunteers in establishing, implementing, and ongoing direction of programs that effectively accomplish the church’s overall stewardship strategy.

  2. As part of the church’s annual Strategic Planning Process, develop and document an annual Stewardship Plan and champion its execution throughout the year.

  3. Support the Senior Pastor in developing teaching illustrations and other materials needed to conduct periodic stewardship teaching series as part of the church’s overall sermon/event calendar.

  4. Build and maintain relationships with donors.

  5. Recruit, train, and develop leaders - directors, coaches, interns, and volunteer leaders.

  6. Identify and champion periodic classes and other types of training for congregants, keeping the importance of good family financial management and generosity in people’s minds and helping them develop and employ effective financial management tools and techniques.

  7. Establish and implement “people processes” that help the church recognize and follow up with first-time donors and identify donors who have reduced or even stopped their church’s financial support to answer questions and resolve issues.

  8. Implement visible measures (KPMs) that help church leaders to understand the “donor universe,” keeping track of trends and overall church stewardship progress.

  9. Function as Campaign Director or otherwise lead the execution of periodic capital fundraising campaigns, including consultation, planning, overall execution, and periodic reporting.

  10. Be present for Sunday services and promote stewardship as scheduled.

  11. Facilitate annual “tithing challenges” and other similar methods employed by the church to help people learn about and practice generosity and biblical stewardship in their lives as Christ-followers.

  12. Organize and lead annual special offerings, identify missions and other projects requiring funding, complete promotional plans (stage announcements, videos, correspondence, etc.), and report progress toward publicized goals.

  13. Perform other duties as assigned.


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