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Production/Tech Manager

Downtown Hope Annapolis, Maryland, United States



Any experience



Part time 12-15 hrs

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Mon Jun 28, 2021
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Sat May 29, 2021

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:   Non-Denominational Church

Job Summary

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The key objective of this roles are  

  • To support the Worship Gathering at DH by executing tactical items, executing technical strategies to create a distraction-free, seamless worship environment at each Sunday Gathering 

  • To support Worship & Art Director and his/her vision and its directional process for worship and art at DH by integrating the worship philosophy into the expression of gospel through media/content 

  • Build a strong team of production

    • Elevate the level of performance quality in technical element of the gathering operation 

    • Strong leadership in implementing QA/QC process and procedures   

  • Developing aesthetics for media & online contents in line with DH’s expression of art and ethos of Gospel through media/contents  

Vision for this role 

  • Present: Management/rebuilding of tactical/technical production team

  • Short term vision: Build a strong/sustainable foundation for production team 

  • Long term vision: Cultivate a robust culture of Media/Visual Art Ministry - “visual is everything”

  • Oversee and execute strategies for the Production Team - Sound tech, Slide and Live Streaming for Sunday morning Gatherings 

  • A pointed shepherd and leader, working under the care of Worship & Art Director, build/manage/maintain the production team to support the music ministry and gatherings at DH

    1. The production team will have 

      1. Sustainability - operated by the volunteers in rotation

      2. Growth as a community - See the growth in technicality and spiritually 

    2. Improvement in quality of production team 

    3. Consistency in operation and execution during the gathering prep and during gathering 

  • On point for equipping and empowering volunteers. 

    1. Volunteers for each production role

      1. Sound - Wed rehearsal and Sunday morning and podcast uploads 

      2. Slide - 

        1. Creating slides for songs, sermon notes announcement for each Sunday and

        2. Running the slides for each Sunday gathering. 

      3. Live streaming - Preparation and Running the live streaming the DH gathering each Sunday 

    2. Introduction and training for the newly recruited volunteers 

  • Proactively communicate any concerns, issues, or unexpected events that could have a negative impact on the gathering/events/rehearsals to the Gathering/Equipping Team and relevant supervisor(s). 

  • Actively engage and interface with Gathering Coordinator, Connecting Coordinator and Worship & Art Director to build a pool of volunteers

  • Attend weekly Gathering planning meetings (Mondays from 5.00-5.30pm) via phone, Zoom or in person

  • Attend weekly meeting with the direct report to 

    1. Discuss the operational items and provide updates on action items

    2. Cast visions and strategies


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