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Senior Pastor

Grant community Church Grant, MI, Michigan, United States



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Senior Pastor

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Tue Mar 29, 2022
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Mon Mar 29, 2021

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:   Non-Denominational Church

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The Senior Pastor serves as the spiritual leader of the church, responsible to instruct the church in the Holy Scriptures and to work with the Council. The Senior Pastor also oversees the day-to-day operations of the church.


· Most importantly must have a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

· Must be a leader, good decision-maker, strong orator, and service-oriented.

· Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, and implement ministries based on the needs of Grant Community Church.

· Must have excellent and timely written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills and computer skills.

· Must possess a proven ability to work effectively with diverse individuals.




· Work to attract others to the church by building relationships.

· Encourage support of church missionaries.

· Offer a “New Member” class two or three times per year.


· Use Bible-based sermons to teach Christian principles.

· Use the Bible to ultimately assess and approve all church educational opportunities.

· Teach adult bible studies.

· Conduct premarital counseling for those who desire to be married in the church.

· Continue personal Christian educational development.


· Contact those who leave the church for the winter at least once during their stay south or west.

· Engage in a variety of opportunities to encourage and strengthen spiritual development of the congregation.

· Speak at various events to represent and promote our church.


· Be on call for any emergency--- i.e. Deaths, accidents, hospitalizations, surgeries.

· Be available to preach any seasonal or special occasion sermons---i.e. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, etc.

· Be available for rehearsals/weddings within the congregation.

· Be available for funerals, both for those who are congregants as well as those opportunities that come up in the community, offering follow up ministry when available or possible.

· Call on the shut-ins and those who need more encouragement---with a goal of visiting them three times per year with at least one visit that includes a celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

· Attend most church functions.


· Maintain a working relationship with other pastors and churches in the area uniting in ministry opportunities when available.

· Supervise and have a working relationship with the staff, offering encouragement and direction.

· Attend Council meetings.

· Lead the worship team, striving for vibrant Sunday morning worship services.

· Add insight and encouragement to volunteers who are involved in leading programs in the church.


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