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Senior Pastor

Greater Northwest Baptist Church Pastoral Search Committee Indianapolis, Indiana, Indiana, United States



6 years - 10 years



Competitive Salary (Negotiated Upon Selection)

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Senior Pastor

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Sat Feb 05, 2022
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Mon Feb 01, 2021

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:   Baptist Church

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The Greater Northwest Baptist Church (GNWBC) of Indianapolis, Indiana is an established Independent Baptist Church founded and chartered in 1983. GNWBC is located on Indianapolis’ Northwest Side (Pike Township). GNWBC sits on approximately six acres of land located at 3402 West 62nd Street. GNWBC’s main building is 29,000 square feet, seating approximately 1,000 people in the sanctuary. GNWBC was founded and grew as a church over the last 37 years because of a commitment to provide sound bible-based teaching, witnessing and sharing the Good News to those who are lost, community outreach, and mission support.  GNWBC’s motto is “With One Mind Striving Together for the Faith of the Gospel” Philippians 1:27.                                                 


GNWBC is seeking a full time Senior Pastor who is a licensed and ordained Baptist Minister.  The candidate must be born again and called by God to preach.  The candidate must also be a believer who has been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as prescribed in Matthew 28: 19 and is a current member of a Holy Bible Believing Church.  

The candidate will be responsible to God and the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to teach the Scriptures, provide Christian leadership in all areas of the church, and engage in pastoral care for the congregation.  The candidate must possess the ability to lead the church in an effective program of witnessing in a caring manner for individuals in the church and the community.  The candidate must also be able to engage and encourage the church’s support for discipleship, evangelism, membership retention, and membership growth efforts. The candidate must also possess the ability to plan, organize, develop, direct, coordinate, and evaluate the total program of the church.  The candidate must be prepared to commit to an agreed upon in-church weekly work schedule.  The candidate must come highlyrecommended by other pastors and church leaders.  The candidate must also successfully pass a thorough academic, professional, criminal, financial, and credit background check.


  • Born-Again Christian; Called by God to Preach

  • Committed to God’s Word (In Words, Deeds, and Actions)

  • Live a lifestyle characterized by moral integrity; Demonstrates a love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Meet the pastoral qualifications outlined in I Timothy 3.

  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of the Baptist Doctrine and possess the ability to preach effectively from the Holy Scripture.

  • Possess effective administrative and leadership skills

  • Demonstrates the commitment and ability to design and achieve a plan to fully engage the church in support of discipleship, evangelism, membership retention, membership growth, and community outreach efforts

  • Received a ministerial ordination and license from an accredited organization recognized by GNWBC.

  • Minimum of 4-9 years of consecutive Senior or Associate pastoral experience

  • Degree and/or extensive training from a sound Bible College, Seminary, or School of Theology/Divinity.

  • Committed to continued growth as a pastor, as well as, formal pastoral training, education, and professional development

  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills

  • GNWBC preference is for the candidate to be married. If married, candidate must demonstrate a commitment to Christ and their family

  • Must consent to and pass a thorough academic, professional, criminal, financial, and credit background check.


  • Prepare and deliver biblically sound, biblically based, and spirit filled sermons designed to save the lost and encourage/inspire those who are saved.

  • Participate or oversee the planning of worship services and events.

  • Encourage GNWBC members to become prayerfully engaged/involved in various GNWBC ministries by dedicating their God-given time, talent, and resources to the furtherance of the Gospel.

  • Train, develop, and equip GNWBC members to aid in carrying out GNWBC’s various ministries and furthering the Gospel.

  • Encourage tithing and sacrificial giving as God’s method of financially supporting His Church as taught in Malachi 3: 8-10; I Corinthians 9.

  • Preside over worship services, bible studies, funeral services, and weddings.

  • Provide teaching and counseling on the proper observance of the Ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.

  • Lead in the area of pastoral care and counseling. Visit  members who are sick and shut-in, hospitalized, confined to home or in an extended care facility.  Appoint qualified members to aid in the fulfillment of pastoral care and counseling duties and responsibilities.

  • Demonstrate an intergenerational and cross-cultural approach to spiritual growth and congregational development throughout various age-groups, senior citizens, families, millennials, and youth. Focusing on ensuring all are ministered to on their level for the total edification of the entire body of Christ.

  • Oversee all church ministries/committee’s activities. He is an ex-officio member of every committee or ministry of the church.

  • Develop and maintain a Christ centered relationship with the Deacons, Trustees, and other elected or appointed officials of GNWBC

  • Work with ministers, deacons, trustees, or other appointed leaders in GNWBC to confront sin in accordance with Matthew 18: 15-17, I Corinthians 5: 1-12, and Hebrew 12: 6-11.


  • Paid Vacation/Sabbatical

  • Health Insurance

  • Competitive Salary (Negotiated Upon Selection)

  • Retirement Plan (Negotiated Upon Selection)


Application packets for GNWBC vacant pastoral positions are being accepted electronically.  Individuals who are interested in applying should visit to submit your application packet. Be sure to review the Application Packet Submission Instruction Page shown here.  All applicants must:

  • Certify that they have reviewed, understand, and agree with provisions outlined in GNWBC’s Church Covenant, Statement of Faith, and Statement of Marriage and Gender.

  • Complete our Pastoral Search Questionnaire.

  • Submit a Copy of Ministerial Ordainment and License

  • Submit a Copy of Degrees or Final Transcript of Completion and any other relevant professional certifications

  • Submit a written narrative outlining their: (1) Salvation Experience, (2) Personal Christian Doctrinal Statement, (3) Pastoral Leadership Philosophy, & (4) Vision on Growing a Church in Today’s Society

  • Submit a Current Resume

  • Submit three letters of reference from pastors or other church leaders

  • Submit a recent photograph of the applicant and their family

  • Submit a written narrative from applicant’s wife discussing her salvation experience and support of her husband pursuing GNWBC’s pastoral vacancy.

  • Submit video files of the pastoral applicant preaching a complete sermon and teaching a Bible class. If the applicant would like to provide a URL Link of footage of them preaching a sermon and teaching a Bible class, it can be provided in item 32 of the pastoral questionnaire.

  • If you have questions or encounter problems submitting your application packet, please feel free to contact us at


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