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Chief of Staff

College Wesleyan Church Marion, Indiana, Indiana, United States



6 years - 10 years




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Executive Pastor

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Sat Feb 20, 2021
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Fri Nov 20, 2020

Job Denomination

:   Wesleyan Church

Job Summary

Job Description

The Chief of Staff will play a prominent role in shaping the culture of staff and lay leadership.  While ministry education is not required, the best candidates will be those who are skilled in administration and can implement strategy while developing the people around them.  They must be deeply committed to the gospel, the Scriptures and the local church as the living and active Body of Christ.    

Duties and responsibilities

  • Help cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of ministry, in which staff and lay leaders work collaboratively, caringly, and collectively toward the mission of CWC 

  • Lead the infrastructure and systems which help the church function on a daily basis

  • Oversee human resources activities, such as staff hiring, onboarding, transition, and repositioning

  • Work with the personnel committee to create, review, and implement policies and procedures that make CWC a safe, equitable, and productive place to work 

  • Facilitate staff meetings and development opportunities for leaders at CWC

  • Maintain leadership of day-to-day church business and administration, in collaboration with the Senior Pastor

  • Collaborate with Staff and LBA to ensure the church’s vision is being sharpened and implemented

  • Lead LBA meetings if appointed to do so by the Senior Pastor and the LBA Vice Chair-person

  • Assist the Senior Pastor in providing supervisory and growth structures within the staff, including regular evaluation, assessment, training, strategic thinking, and accountability

  • Help invite the congregation and community into God’s formative work at CWC

  • Meet with/address concerns of congregation members as they arise

  • Periodically communicate with our staff and congregation as necessary

Basic personal responsibilities

  • Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer, and meditation

  • Maintain proper priorities in your home and be a spiritual leader to your spouse and children, if married.

  • Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and outside of the church

  • Financially support the work of CWC by faithful giving at least 10% of your gross income. Maintain wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%.

  • Agree to uphold the CWC Staff Conduct and Lifestyle Agreement, The Employee Fraternization Policy, The Confidentiality Agreement, and The Community Covenant

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