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Media Arts / Contemporary Worship Coordinator

New Brighton United Methodist Church Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States



Any experience



$35,000 / Year

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Christian Media/Technology

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Tue Jun 30, 2020
Posted Date


Mon May 11, 2020

Job Denomination

:   United Methodist

Job Summary

Job Description


Media Arts:  To oversee the computer/AV/multimedia activities for all ministries at New Brighton United Methodist Church (NBUMC).  This includes worship, website, social media, sound/video recording of worship, publicity/marketing materials, newsletter, youth ministry, children's ministrry and all other ministries of the church.

  • Oversee all media ministries

  • Handle worship related software for traditional and contemporary worship

  • Recruit, train and develop volunteer media team to assist with all media related ministries

  • Setup and edit the recording/filming of worship for website

  • Film and produce commercials for upcoming church activities and ministries for website

  • Maintain and continually update/grow website to its maximum creative potential

  • Develop and implement a progressive plan for audio/video equipment upgrades as required for all NBUMC worship

  • Oversee the physical setup and tear down of media related equipment (sound, microphones, cameras, etc.) for traditional and contemporary worship

Contemporary Worship: To oversee the contemporary worship ministry including the associated contemporary worship bands. To recruit, train and develop a staff of worship band members and worship leaders in order to develop a continually expanding, relevant and vibrant contemporary worship experience.  

  • Oversee the contemporary worship experience and development at NBUMC

  • Schedule and create the band practices and the worship schedules

  • Recruit, train and develop new band members

  • Work directly with the Lead Pastor and the family ministries coordinator for the planning and coordinating of activities/marketing surrounding NBUMC worship

Auxiliary Duties:

  • Attend staff meetings as scheduled by the Lead Pastor

  • Attend individual meetings with the Lead Pastor

  • Adhere to NBUMC policies and procedures

  • Attend Administrative Council meetings as needed

  • Serve as a member of the worship committee and attend monthly meetings

  • Any other items as requested by the Lead Pastor and/or Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) that are related to this position specifically and/or ministry in general that you are deemed qualified to complete

These duties are not to be considered as a complete and detailed list of all related work requirements that may be part of this job.

Time Required:  The work schedule for this full-time position is an average of forty (40) hours per week.  A regular schedule of hours per week shall be established subject to the approval of the Lead Pastor and SPRC of NBUMC.  Candidate must be available to work Sunday mornings, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (when needed), Easter Sunday, Lent and Advent seasons.  This position could involve non-traditional work hours in order to meet the needs of the church members and the community.  These hours could involve evenings or weekends.


  • Recognizes that this position is a ministry that stems from their Christian faith as they deal in ministry with church, staff, leaders and community

  • Familiar with a wide range of computer applications and development programs including worship related software programs

  • Music background is preferred

  • AS or BS degree from an accredited college or university preferred

  • Must domonstrate skills of leadership, organization and communication

  • Self motivated and dedicated; functions well as a team player

  • Strong Christian character with a commitment to promoting a doctrinal position compatible with the United Methodist Church

  • Ability to recognize information and situations that require strict confidence and to handle the same accordingly

  • All required clearances and Safe Sanctuary Training are required at hire


  • $35,000 annual salary

  • $5,000 toward health insurance of choice

  • 15 PTO days per year after one (1) year of service.  PTO days cannot be carried over

Reporting responsibilities:

  • Reports directly to the Lead Pastor of NBUMC for all situations including but not limited to job responsibilities, creative boundaries, spiritual direction of worship, conflict, personal or family need or questions of job situation

  • Accountable also to the Staff Parish Relations Committee


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