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Student Pastor

The Crossroads Church 42105 N 41st Dr, Anthem, AZ, Arizona, United States



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Youth Pastor

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Fri Mar 27, 2020
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Thu Feb 06, 2020

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:   Non-Denominational

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The Crossroads Church

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the

believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

~ 1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV)


The vision statement of our church is “Leading people to follow Jesus.”  From this we adopt a clear and concise vision for our student ministry, which is “Leading teens to follow Jesus.” 

WHY?  Because…

…God loves ALL teens.

…there is no problem that Jesus cannot and has not solved.

…His church is the hope of the world.

Our passion is fueled by scripture.  We want to help equip and empower teens to engage the savior of their souls in 3 ways:

Worship – An engaging service where teens far from God can come near to God.

Grow – A small group community so teens can experience God through fellowship.

Serve – An outlet of service to serve God, the church and HIS people in the community.



The Student Pastor is responsible for all programming and personnel necessary to conduct a Christ-centered, caring, effective, well-organized and successful youth ministry program at The Crossroads Church.  The Student Pastor is responsible for becoming familiar with and abiding by the requirements of this Position Description, the church personnel policies and any other pertinent policies adopted by the church.  This position is competitively salaried with great benefits and has a budget to cover Student Minister expenses related to this ministry.  The position is supported by the church which provides access to office space, telephone, office equipment, a ministry budget, specialized training opportunities, inclusion in periodic staff training and direct supervision by Josh.  This person should humbly serve as a team player with every person in the Church, reflecting the life of Christ in the ministry to which he/she has been called.



We are looking for a mature, biblically-sound, outreach-oriented youth pastor who will work successfully with a very committed Youth Leadership Team.  We need someone who relates well to students, understanding their interests, but who is mature enough to have relational authority – someone who can gain the respect of both parents and kids.  Someone who understands and appreciates cultural trends, but who can provide solid guidance in evaluating them.  We need someone who will be open to all kinds of ways of reaching kids.  Someone who can lead leaders.  We need a leader who casts vision well, working with the rest of the team to develop and implement a comprehensive student ministry strategy.

This position requires preaching and teaching to students, developing leaders, and reaching students in as many ways as possible.


The Crossroads Church passion is biblically fueled, Spirit-inspired and relationally-charged.

As a staff member you will help equip and engage people to:

  • WORSHIP — since Jesus modeled a "with all your heart" vertical focus.

  • GROW — because Jesus wants us to live like, love like and look like Him.

  • SERVE — as Jesus gave freely, with no strings attached.

  • CONNECT — because Jesus invested in life-on-life relationships.

  • EMBRACE —because Jesus became the story the Father wanted to write through Him.

Influential leadership is key. Be a leader who is both a team player and a team builder, working well with students, parents, and adult volunteers. Live by the philosophy that parental involvement is key in training students in spiritual maturity.   Be as involved with training parents as with training students.  If married: a spouse who fully supports both the student ministry and the church.  Have a life, testimony, and influence that is the other main “voice” in students’ lives that helps to support what parents are teaching and modeling.  This ministry is not 9-5. Ministry to students usually occurs afternoons and evenings at the schools, at sporting events, plays, concerts, and church. We want someone who desires to build influential relationships with local schools in order to build a bridge from students’ everyday culture to the gospel.  Desire to work together with the staff team in order to move all the ministries of TCC in the same direction, with the same vision, and in unity believing that every ministry thrives and grows on the success and support of others.


Program Oversight (40% of full-time commitment)

  • Develop and provide diverse programming for students that points toward and encourages TCC’s three main environments of growth: Worship, Grow and Serve.

  • Plan and oversee student opportunities. This could include but is not limited to worship services, Bible studies, camps, conferences and retreats, discipleship groups, mission opportunities, and outreach events. The expectation is to plan a minor and major outreach event each trimester.

  • Provide meetings/activities in coordination with the other ministries of TCC.

  • Provide oversight, encouragement, and empowerment of junior and senior high students, any paid youth staff, and the adult volunteers in the ministry.

  • Be involved with the personal lives of the students (directly and through adult volunteers). Again, the expectation is to visit with kids and parents, attend school events, and minister in crisis situations.

  • Foster open communication with parents/guardians.

  • Assure student activity is focused on building spiritually mature students of the church – focusing on their personal spiritual lives, their life group connections, and serving using their spiritual gifts.

  • Assure proper care of facilities used by student programs.

  • Assist staff and church leadership in areas not directly related to student ministries when needed.

Leadership Training (40% of full-time commitment)

  • Maintain effective leadership for each program of the ministry. Provide the support, assistance, and resources necessary for each program and empower your adult volunteers to be involved in the day to day work of the ministry.

  • Continually build a team of adult volunteers who will build relationships with students and serve as the “frontline” of ministry. Work under an Ephesians 4 model leading out by: recruiting, training, and retaining.

  • Provide formal (structured) and informal (by example) leadership training for parents, adult volunteers, and student leaders, example family newsletter.

  • Provide formal and informal forums for frequent communication, encouragement and evaluation of the ministry. Create a team atmosphere with emphasis on involvement.

  • Oversee, with help from adult volunteers, the identification of students with leadership potential and assure opportunities are given for development.

  • Evaluate and make recommendations concerning teaching materials and methods used in all of the student programs.

  • Be able to counsel, advise, and provide resources to students and parents. Build a referral network for both students and parents.

Administrative (20% of full-time commitment)

  • Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the other ministries and calendared events of TCC.

  • Assure responsibilities for all events (for example retreats, mission trips, and special events) are delegated and understood by adult volunteers and students.

  • Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans. Publish all scheduled programming and activities to staff, parents, and students in a timely fashion.

  • Lead out in the development of the Student Ministry budget to provide for ministry needs in regards to programming, scholarships, and capital needs.

  • With the input and support of the Associate Pastor, establish and maintain a philosophy of student ministry and a clear understanding of annual goals and objectives.


  • Student Minister will report to the Associate Pastor under the guidance of the Elders Attend worship services, and other events of church as time allows.

  • Strive to grow and develop through conferences, reading, and exchange of ideas with others.

  • Attend bi-monthly staff meetings for prayer, communication, and planning.

  • Attend monthly meeting with the Key Leads for prayer, support, and accountability with annual goals and objectives.

  • Attend an annual review to discuss annual job performance in regards to goals and objectives.

  • Present all vacation requests in advance to the Associate Pastor.


  • Competitive salary package will be determined based on education and years of experience in ministry.

  • Weeks of vacation and personal days off will be determined based on years of service in ministry. Holiday days are determined by calendar annually.

  • A life insurance policy is paid for by the church.

  • The salary package is in addition to medical and dental insurance as well as a small phone and auto allowance.

Goals for June – August

  • Develop meaningful relationship with students.

  • Attend summer camps with students

  • Develop an understanding of how Student Ministries currently works. Learning about current curriculum.

  • Develop relationships with current Adult volunteer.

  • Work with Associate Pastor to develop a plan and strategy for the split of High School and Jr. High age groups.

  • Establish a community foothold.

  • Attend and help coordinate and implement the Student Summer Lock-In.

  • Plan, coordinate and work with other ministry teams to execute a Back To School event for student, children and families.

  • Meet with key staff members and key volunteers to learn church equipment, systems and database management.

  • Plan and attend summer minor outreaches: e. Pool Parties

  • Meet with parents and students to build the relationship and trust.


Goals for Sept. – November

  • Implement strategic plan for the splitting of High School and Jr. High programming.

  • Continue to develop relationships with students, adult volunteers and staff.

  • Consider additional programming for the fall semester. Example – after school programming.

  • Plan and implement 3rd trimester outreach events.

  • Plan 1st trimester outreach events, including the planning of the New Year’s Eve lock in.

  • Work with the Associate pastor to implement a creative arts program for students. Example create a student’s band.

  • Meet with parents and students to build the relationship and trust.


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