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Lead Minister

Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States



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Senior Pastor

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Tue Mar 24, 2020
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Mon Feb 03, 2020

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:   Congregational

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Job Description: Lead Minister
Plymouth Congregational Church of Minneapolis

Position Summary

Plymouth Congregational Church is looking for our next Lead Minister, formerly known as our Senior Minister. This is a unique opportunity to come into a newly titled position at a time when the church is attracting new, younger members, our long-time members are engaged, and the ministerial and administrative team is performing at a high level. The Lead Minister will lead and collaborate with two other Ministers, both of whom are highly skilled at their crafts. The administrative team, which will report to the Lead Minister, includes highly competent leaders who work very well together. This is an exempt, full-time position. The position will report to the Deacons; the other Ministers also have a direct relationship with the Deacons.

This position will serve Plymouth’s public witness to faith both within the congregation and in the wider community. Duties will include worship leadership, care for the overall life of the church, spiritual formation and teaching, pastoral care to members in need and promoting Plymouth’s outreach ministries. We all work within the parameters of our governance structure.

Key Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Duties:

Ministerial Excellence

The first and foremost accountability of the Lead Minister is to create and nurture the spiritual health of the church. Excellence in preaching is key as is the ability to support the broad perspectives on spirituality in the congregation. Being able to attract new people to Plymouth and strengthen the commitments of current members will be important.

  • Spiritual Leadership: Provide strong spiritual leadership by demonstrating a knowledgeable, mature spiritual foundation and an ongoing spiritual practice. Bring overall leadership to the ministerial team in carrying out the mission of the
    Contribute spiritual leadership and guidance for members of the church.

  • Theological Leadership: Demonstrates a progressive theological perspective and will emphasize Plymouth’s “Purposes of the Church” as a guide to our life as a Christian community. Has the courage to be a public advocate when needed.

  • Preaching: Able to take on significant preaching duties. Has the ability to inspire through a thoughtful and intellectually challenging preaching style that touches head and heart. Proven strength in preaching ability. Effective at preaching in both formal and less formal worship services.

  • Ministerial Leadership: Able to perform the duties of ministry with excellence, including officiating at weddings, baptisms, funerals and providing pastoral care.

  • Growth: Able to significantly contribute to a unique, dynamic vision for Plymouth, willing to take risks, be entrepreneurial, and have the practicality and persistence to see a plan through.

  • Stewardship: Has skills, experience and affinity for raising money to fund the organization and its programs. Understands that Christian Stewardship is much more than just raising funds.

  • Major Gifts: Demonstrated interest in and ability to solicit major gifts from donors within the church.

  • Arts: Appreciation of the outstanding music and arts programs at Plymouth, the Lead Minister will work to sustain Plymouth’s excellence in this area and actively support the arts as a ministry of the church.

Leadership and Management

Having superb leadership and management skills is a critical success factor given the size and scope of Plymouth Church. The current model of participative leadership is one that we would like to continue and build upon. The ability to lead large teams and manage the physical plant and budget are requirements of the position.

  • Leading and Managing Others: Has proven skills in collaboration, effective team leadership, team membership and delegation. Track record of achieving results through and with others, leading the team as the team leads the church. Ability to effectively manage and supervise employees and lay leaders and prioritize and delegate work to meet deadlines.

  • Operational Management: Understands organizational dynamics, change processes, and the operations of a large church. Efficiently and effectively manages the day-to-day operations of the church using sound judgment and the ability to represent the church in public and community setting. This position is accountable to the overall mission of the church and maintaining collegial relationships with staff, Board members, colleagues, and lay leadership.

  • Budgetary and Fiscal Management: Ability to work with our team to manage the budget and the physical plant and modify controllable spending to meet overall financial objectives. Address critical issues as needed to ensure the integrity of the church as well as the safety and well-being of its staff and members. Works collaboratively with church leadership (Deacons, Leadership Council, etc.) to keep them apprised of problems that are persistent or vexing in nature.

Social Justice Leadership

Plymouth has a long history of leadership in social justice, and the lead minister must be both passionate about and committed to advancing social justice, both within the church and in the larger community. Ideally our new lead minister will have experience collaborating with leaders of other churches and organizations on social justice initiatives.

  • Outreach: Manifests a strong orientation toward equity, inclusion, and justice. Capable of building strong relationships with partners outside of the church. Passion to grow Plymouth into a social justice leader through the continued hard work of addressing head on the issues of racism and the other “isms” that intersect with racism.

  • Civic Leadership: Active partner with the leaders of the other downtown churches worship services and city-wide initiatives addressing joint issues such as homelessness.

Other Accountabilities/Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Plan worship with the ministerial team and the Organist/Choirmaster.

  • Lead staff meetings or share leadership with the ministerial team.

  • Provide leadership to the Deacons and Leadership Council with respect to the vision and mission of the church.

  • Oversee overall administration of the church.

  • Work with the Personnel Committee on issues of staff salaries and church policies.

  • Lead the ministerial leadership team which includes the Minister for Congregational Care and Worship and the Director of Spiritual Formation and Theater. The team has accountability to the Lead Minister but are directly supervised by the Deacons.

  • Supervise: Business Administrator, Executive Assistant to the Lead Minister/Director of Communications, Organist/Choirmaster, Minister for Congregational Care and Worship, Minister of Spiritual Formation and Theater and Outreach Coordinator.


  • Ordained, Master of Divinity or equivalent.

  • Progressive theological perspective.

  • Experience as minister in a large church.

  • Ability to handle multiple priorities.

  • Well-developed organizational, personnel and administrative skills.

  • Strong interpersonal skills with sensitivity to the needs of families or all sizes.



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