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Lead Pastor

Poplar Creek Church Bartlett, Illinois, United States



3 years - 6 years




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Senior Pastor

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Tue Mar 03, 2020
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Mon Jan 13, 2020

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:   Non-Denominational

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Lead Pastor

Poplar Creek Community Christian Church

300 Schick Road

Bartlett, Illinois, United States


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Contemporary Christian


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Poplar Creek Community Christian Church in Bartlett, Illinois is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor to guide our family-focused church community of 150-200 people.


We desire someone with a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible.  The candidate shall have a strong passion for God’s word with dynamic speaking skills, a servant’s heart, strong leadership and organizational skills, and a great desire to lead our congregation in the following discipleship process:


  • Connect God to our everyday lives.

  • Facilitate spiritual formation personally and corporately.

  • Serve and lead faithfully with our Ministry Team, Staff and Shepherds.

  • Share the Gospel with our community and beyond.


The pastor of our church shall have the character and spiritual giftedness identified in Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.  They shall agree and adhere to the Covenant of the church and uphold the mission statement of Poplar Creek Church, which is to reflect the radical love of Jesus Christ.


Applications should be received by February 13, 2020, to ensure full consideration.


Job Description-Lead Pastor

The Lead Pastor of Poplar Creek Church has been called to the position by God himself.  We realize that the pastor cannot be everything to everyone.  Although it is impossible to cover every situation or detail, this document is an attempt to define the expectations of the Lead Pastor of Poplar Creek Church.



The pastor of this church shall be one of character and spiritual giftedness as identified as qualifications in Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.  They shall agree and adhere to the Covenant of the church and uphold the Core Beliefs and Commitments of Poplar Creek Church. 


A degree in theological study is required and a minimum of 3-5 years experience is preferred.


Church Foundation:

Poplar Creek Church has established a strong stance for the Bible and its teachings.  Our members’ Covenant, Core Beliefs and Commitment are defined in our church by-laws.  All staff positions are expected to support these policies. 


Personal Spirituality and Growth:

  1. Has an intentional, daily devotional time

  2. Demonstrates an intentional plan for spiritual growth

  3. Devotes several hours of study each month on material not specifically directed to sermon preparation

  4. Dedicates time daily to prayer and seeks to be a spirit-led teacher


Family Life:

Recognizes the influence of a supportive family as a significant impact on the success of the ministry, even though members of the family are not responsible for ministry.


Personal and Professional Growth:

Participates in developmental conferences regularly as well as develops relationships, and attends meetings with other local church leaders.



  1. Proclaim God’s Word, centered on Jesus Christ

  2. Maintain doctrinal and hermeneutical soundness in all sermons

  3. Deliver sermons in a creative and motivating manner

  4. Spend adequate study and preparation time each week

  5. Plan a preaching schedule quarterly that meets the congregation’s needs while following the leading of the Holy Spirit

  6. Deliver and lead church ordinances (dedications, communions, baptisms, etc.)


Pastoral Services:

  1. Maintain scheduled and published general office hours

  2. Provide spiritual counseling and/or referral for members’ crisis situations as needed

  3. Officiate weddings and funerals, as requested


Church Growth:

  1. Provide leadership toward church growth, including ministry that demonstrates the love and care we have for our members and community

  2. Involve members in spiritual gifts identification, equipping, training, organizing, and discipleship, including an on-going program of Community Groups

  3. Nurture families and youth involvement and assimilation in the church

  4. Provide a focus for the church including missions, outreach, and evangelism

  5. Provide the role of a Shepherd/general overseer of the church community



  1. Lead the church in establishing short-term and long-range objectives

  2. Oversee all church staff and work with ministry leaders

  3. Develop, in coordination with the Shepherds, a training program for each ministry position and provide teaching and training as needed

  4. Develop an annual review process for all church staff and ministry leaders and implement with the Shepherds

  5. Coordinate, along with Shepherds, to facilitate Congregational Meetings

  6. Work with the church financial leaders to maintain appropriate business records

  7. Provide visionary leadership and direction with the ministry directors

  8. Work in harmony with the actions of the Shepherds and staff, and hold people accountable for their obligations and actions


Professional Ethics:

  1. Live in harmony with biblical beliefs; be loyal in word and deed

  2. Be faithful in tithing and giving

  3. Be honest and fair in all business and interpersonal relationships

  4. Maintain sensitivity to all people groups

  5. If problems arise, follow the biblical and church-established conflict resolution and disciplinary procedures

  6. Give full energy to God with leadership and guidance to our community


Application Instructions:

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