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First Baptist Church Richland, Washington, United States



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Senior Pastor

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Fri Dec 27, 2019
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Thu Nov 07, 2019

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:   Baptist

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The Lead Pastor will serve in the capacity of an Elder, working together as a peer member of the Elder Council. The Lead Pastor develops the church leadership to shepherd the congregation. He trains and equips believers to share their faith in Jesus; and build up the body of Christ. The Lead Pastor is accountable to his fellow Elders as a Council and as individual brothers-in-Christ.

This is a full-time salaried position.

Background: We recognize that Christ is the head of the church and that, as a group, the Elders are responsible for shepherding, overseeing, leading and caring for the saints at First Baptist Church (FBC).

The Lead Pastor is critical to the Elder Council, given his interaction with the congregation and the staff.

Primary Responsibilities:

1.) Vision and Organizational Leadership

  • Encourage and support the vision of FBC for leadership, staff, volunteers, and the congregation according to their gifting and the leading of the Holy Spirit

  • Support ministry initiatives

  • Recommend to the Elder Council actionable plans to support improvements to the vision, state, and health of the church

  • Direct oversight of the ministries assigned to him by the Elder Council

2.) Preaching / Teaching Ministry

  • Provide 51% to 75% of the preaching/teaching in church services on a schedule, with the other Elders

  • Be responsible for the pulpit ministry and discern and develop teaching themes/plans with the goal of equipping the saints

  • Inspire a desire for spiritual growth and development towards maturity in Christ

  • Equip the church with the Biblical knowledge and skills to be able to respond to the changing culture of our society

3.) Spiritual Leadership

  • Promote an atmosphere of spiritual growth and discipleship

  • Establish an environment of transparency and authenticity that enables the giving and receiving of encouragement, prayer, constructive feedback, and accountability

  • Inspire and equip the church to:

    • Call and depend upon the Lord

    • Grow spiritually (live in Godís presence, experience His grace, seek & follow His leading)

    • Identify and exercise their spiritual gifts

    • Actively share Christ in our communities

4.) Pastoral Counseling

  • Provide counseling/guidance as requested by individuals, couples, and families who may seek Biblical counsel for their process of emotional and spiritual healing and well-being

  • Serve as a coach and mentor to equip those in our church family whom God may identify as having the spiritual gifting for His use in Biblical counseling/guidance of others

  • Discern the point at which an individual, couple, or family should be referred to a professional counseling practice

5.) Evangelism and Outreach

  • Personally share the Gospel with those who donít yet know Jesus as Savior

  • Work with church leadership, staff, and the church family to develop events and opportunities for FBC as a family to reach out to the community and share Christ

  • Train and equip believers to share their faith in Jesus Christ with those who donít yet know Him

6.) Shared Duties shall include: Visitation, Baptisms, Child Dedications, serving Communion, officiating weddings and funerals, Core office hours with flex hours as agreed to by the Elder Council.

Personal Attributes, Abilities, and Gifting

  • Authenticity with high integrity and a commitment to serving humbly and with total dependence upon God

  • Evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in his life and interactions

  • The Spiritual Gifts of evangelism and preaching/teaching

  • Committed to the ministry of prayer and Bible study by setting it as a priority in his own personal life

  • A caring shepherd, accessible and able to reach the diverse demographics of our multigenerational church family

  • Boldness to be innovative, creative, or do things differently, with a spirit of love and understanding

  • A strong Bible teacher who is Christ exalting and whose teaching is based on the authority of the Bible as Godís Word

  • Ability to express the unchanging truth of the Gospel in ways that are relevant to the changing culture in which we live

  • Comfortable discussing difficult, yet relevant current topics, and is not afraid to ask or tackle hard questions

  • Grieves for those who do not know Christ and desires they come to know His love and receive the gift of salvation

  • Ability to work within the Elder-led organizational structure of FBC as a peer member of the Elders

  • Demonstrates maturity and humility, with sound and proven team-building skills

  • Models mentorship and discipleship

  • Sufficient health to handle the normal stresses of this position


  • Meets the Biblical qualifications to serve as an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4) and supports a theological position consistent with FBCís values and Statement of Faith

  • Bible college degree required; seminary training strongly preferred

  • Minimum 10 years of pastoral experience strongly preferred

  • Training in pastoral counseling, with a demonstrated knowledge of the Scriptures and the principles of Biblical counseling to provide comfort and counsel from Godís word to those in the midst of emotional and relational difficulties

  • Demonstrated strategic leadership experience in a church body with multiple staff

First Baptist Church of Richland, WA is searching for a Lead Pastor to join our team of pastors, elders, deacons, and staff in caring for our local body of believers, about 225 currently, and to help us in outreach to the local community of over 200,000 with the life transforming message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.† We are striving to make a bigger impact on our community through the truth of Godís Word, and we desire to grow in our own knowledge and relationship with Him and each other.† FBC-Richland is affiliated with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.†

You can learn more about us on our website†and on Facebook

To learn about our understanding of scripture, please see our statement of faith:

Are you the one God has called to serve alongside us and fulfill this role of Lead Pastor?

We ask that you prayerfully consider us and this position.† Resumes and any additional materials may be emailed to


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