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Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry

Linden Baptist Church Gladstone MO, Missouri, United States



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Children's Ministry, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor

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Wed Jan 08, 2025
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Tue Jan 09, 2024

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:   Baptist

Job Summary

Job Description

The Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry position is a full-time ministry position that will participate in worship, provide pastoral care support, and perform other general leadership duties in support of and at the direction of the Senior Pastor. The Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry will assist the Senior Pastor in leading the church congregation and others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and overseeing the various ministries and outreach of the church family. The Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry will lead the student and children ministry and will develop, coordinate, and promote the student and children ministries of the Church.


  • The Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry shall be a Christian and be in agreement with the church covenant and statement of faith; they and their immediate family must become active members of Linden Baptist Church.

  • The Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry shall genuinely commit to the gospel and sense a divine call to this role.

  • The Associate Pastor of Student and Children Ministry will strive to have a servant attitude in personal and professional relationships.

  • Bachelor's degree preferred but not required.

General Responsibilities

  • Work well with the Senior Pastor and other staff to coordinate various activities and develop growth and unity within the church.

  • Assist the Senior Pastor in teaching and leading in worship.

  • Conduct visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and individuals in coordination with the Senior Pastor and staff.

  • Leading in worship through scripture readings, responsive readings, and prayer.

  • Be a visual part of the community promoting Christ and our church.

  • Maintain open communication with the Senior Pastor and staff in planning and directing strategic and organizational planning for the church through staff and other meetings as needed.

  • Participate in and support the local Association, State Convention, and the denomination.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

  • Maintain and be available for communication with church members.

  • Maintain meetings with the Youth Council.

  • Maintain quarterly meetings with parents of youth and children.


  • Ensure that prayer is maintained as a high priority in the church.

Equipping and Overseeing

  • Develops, implements, and maintains a program of evangelism and discipleship designed to reach young people, children, and their parents for Christ and help them develop in Christian maturity.

  • Keeps contact with youth, youth workers, youth prospects, children, and children’s workers.

  • Providing spiritual guidance to youth, children, and their parents as needed.

  • Maintain responsibility for all youth and children activities, including developing a monthly/yearly calendar of proposed youth and children’s activities.

  • Conduct Wednesday evening services and provide oversight of youth and children's activities.

  • Promoting and sponsoring attendance at summer camps, youth mission trips, and summer mission projects and additional activities to promote fellowship among the children and youth.

  • Providing or approving Sunday School curriculum led by lay member leaders.

  • Attending services and attending community activities involving children and youth of the church.

  • Keeping informed on methods, materials, principles, procedures, promotion, and administration related to children and student ministry.


  • Be supervised and report directly to the Senior Pastor, meeting weekly to share and plan work.

  • Work closely with other pastoral ministry and staff members.

  • Leading in worship through scripture readings, responsive readings, and prayer.

  • Cooperate with the finance committee and treasurer by submitting budget requests for assigned areas and administering expenditures within the church budget limits based on the church's current ability to pay.

  • Work closely in cooperation with the Youth Council and maintain monthly meetings with transparency of the entire Student Ministry.

  • Attend and give reports at monthly Church Council meetings.


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