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Wed Oct 09, 2019
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Tue Aug 20, 2019

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:   Non-Denominational

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The US Army is a diverse population of Americans, but also a very select population of individuals who voluntarily serve their country.  Approximately 51% of Army Soldiers are Protestant, 2% Jewish, 1% Muslim, and 23% Catholic. There is a great need for Chaplains of all faith groups to serve our soldiers who sacrifice so much.


Army Reserve: a part-time Chaplain for a US Army Reserve Battalion consisting of approximately 550 Soldiers in the near to local area.

Chaplain Candidate: if you are a seminarian we have internship positions available to gain valuable experience while serving as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Reserve, being mentored by a Reserve Battalion Chaplain.

Active Duty: Full Time Chaplain serving an Active Duty Battalion anywhere in the world. This is a unique calling following in the footsteps of some great missionaries.



A chaplain acts as an advisor to the military commander and as professional staff on matters of religion, ethics, morals, and morale.  They Perform and provides direct, comprehensive pastoral ministry to include: counseling, religious ministrations, and worship services in garrison and field training environments. A chaplain provides pastoral care to Soldier's families, to include home and hospital visitation.  Conducts memorial and funeral services. Ensures the free exercise of religion to uphold the 1st Amendment rights of Soldiers in compliance with US Code Title X.  Provides Suicide Prevention and PTSD training.  Mentors the Battalion unit ministry team. Fulfills all obligations to the local diocese and Archdiocese for the Military Services.

Requirements to serve:

  • Under age 47 (age waiver possible up to 49) for the Reserve, 37 for Chaplain Candidate and 42 for Active Duty

  • Theological Master's degree 72+ credits

  • US citizen or permanent resident



  • Great ministry to Soldiers & families

  • Healthcare Insurance - monthly $47/single - $217/family

  • Pension at 60 after serving 20 years

  • Retirement Healthcare

  • Monthly Drill pay

 Contct Info:

US Army Chaplain Recruiting Team
2505 N Hwy 360, Ste 340
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Office: (817) 633-3802
Fax: (817) 385-0150
Cell: (210) 857-6259


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