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Executive Pastor of MInistries

Element Church Wentzville MIssouri, Missouri, United States



6 years - 10 years




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Executive Pastor

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Wed Jun 14, 2023
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Mon May 15, 2023

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:   Non-Denominational Church

Job Summary

Job Description

The Executive Pastor of Ministries is a key leadership role within our church, responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the ministries and discipleship processes, leading through a team of pastoral staff and lay leaders. This individual will work closely with the senior pastor, executive team, church staff, and congregation to ensure the effective implementation of the church's vision, mission, and values. The Executive Pastor will provide strategic direction, operational oversight, and pastoral care, equipping and empowering the ministry team to foster spiritual growth and discipleship among the church community.


  • Lead our ministry experts

  • Oversee Volunteer Leadership Development and Care System

  • Implement the Pursuit Tracks across Element Church

  • Serve as a regular teaching team member across our campuses

  • Serve as part of the message development team



  • Lead the process of mobilizing people for effective ministry that reaches the surrounding communities (currently referred to as Team Element)

  • Oversee the process and development of people moving them from guests to attendees, to committed Christ followers who are active in ministry

  • Oversee the development of ministry mobilization from elementary to adults

  • Cultivate the Dream Team of Element Church to see each individual as a part of the greater whole

  • Lead the day-to-day of ministry taking place at Element Church

  • Ensure the spiritual formation process is implemented at EC Campuses from birth to adulthood

  • Oversee the missions efforts of EC to ensure appropriate partnerships and opportunities for people to experience missions firsthand

  • Oversee opportunities to engage local community partners for ministry

  • Lead the process for people to connect in small groups as part of the discipleship pathway

  • Serve on the Message development and teaching team. Responsibilities related to communication will include hosting services, speaking in venues of various sizes and creation of sermon content as needed.

  • Oversee and direct budget planning for areas of responsibility.



·       Public Speaking/Preaching

·       Leader of Leaders

·       Ability to lead systems for scalability

·       Ability to lead experts

·       Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, the ability to multitask and work under pressure

·       Competent in interpersonal relationships, trust building and leadership development

·       A passion for team, staff culture, excellence and loyalty

·       Self-motivation, a professional demeanor, healthy amount of personal drive, adaptability to change and a "whatever-it-takes" attitude

·       Excellent people skills to build positive and effective relationships (High E.Q.)



·       Successful candidate should have at least 7 years related experience, including the ability to manage a high functioning team

·       Proven track record of the ability to develop team and leaders among volunteers in a growing and evolving church

·       Proven track record of successfully leading in a large setting that is committed to excellence.

·       A four-year Bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.S.) or equivalent life experience.



·       Provides servant leadership in their home

·       Leads people to Christ

·       Provides leadership in a small group

·       Disciples people

·       Continues to grow in discipleship

·       Provides vision & leadership in ministry

·       Equips people for ministry

·       Tithes & gives to missions

·       Exhibits the characteristics of 1 Timothy 3:1-13



·       Financially managed budgets of $100,000+ successfully

·       Healthy Personal Credit history



·       Emotionally Intelligent

·       Developer over Doer

·       Innovative

·       Intrinsically Motivated

·       Results Oriented



·       People

·       Teaching God’s Word

·       Small Groups

·       Equipping others for ministry

·       Discipling People




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