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We would love to hear about your experience with the Job Bank and Resume Bank. ( is a division of Please contact us to share your story. 

"Thank you for your help.  We have filled our youth ministry position!  Blessings to you and your ministry!!"  Anderson Hills UMC, Cincinnati, OH

"I would like to request this posting to be deleted from the website - the position has been filled.  Thank you very much!"  Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA

"We had 36 responses to our posting.  We have not hired anyone yet, but have at least 6 very good candidates. Thanks."  Craig

"At this time we wish to discontinue our ad for the position of Director for Music Ministries.  We have had an overwhelming response to this ad, and will be offering the position to a candidate shortly."   First Congregational U.C.C.

"It was terrific!  We received a great number of resumes.  I am keeping this information on file for our church.  I liked that we could go back in and edit the job description too."          Jo. Campfield, New Life Church, CO

"The responses we received from the ad we placed on the website was truly a blessing to our search committee.  We met some of the most awesome pastors that were from so many places all over the country.  I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a pastor." Roberta Johnson, FBC of Iola, Kansas

"Our posting was a wonderful experience that brought an overwhelming number of quality responses. We had to remove the posting due to the large number of inquiries!" Thanks, Pastor Douglas Seaman

"Central's Adult Pastor Ministries position was filled by someone who saw the posting on the Job Bank. Appreciate your site and the ability to open our search to God's people on a larger scale." Dave Moore

"We had listed an advertisement for a senior pastor. We wish to thank you for your assistance. We have received a great response. God bless you."  Pastoral Search Committee of Kenwood Fellowship

"Thank you for your assistance. I know everyone on the pulpit committee would highly recommend the Christian Career Center's Job Bank....We received approximately 90 applications. Although some were from seminary placements, I would estimate that a greater portion were from the CCC Job Bank. We have narrowed the search down to two potential candidates and are now checking references and thoroughly reviewing the doctrinal statements. Thank you again." Linda Spencer, Christ Chapel Pulpit Committee

"We have received 80 inquiries...and are now in the process of reviewing the many resumes, doctrinal statements, references. With this number of applicants we are confident the Lord will help us determine who to contact to be a pastoral candidate. We very much appreciated the job placement service that was provided to us in this very important search."   Pastoral Search Committee

"The posting was very helpful. We received numerous inquiries and were pleased to have several resumes to review. I will definitely try this again for any future openings we might have."  Colleen Murray, St. Andrew's Church

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